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Mini-Symposia „New colleagues“



Mini-Symposia „New colleagues“


Symposia will take place online via ZOOM (Use this link)


Wednesday, January 27th


  • 05:00 Marisa Karow Institute of Biochemistry (MedFak)
    Direct lineage reprogramming as a heuristic approach to identify key players in human neurogenesis
  • 06:00  Philipp Arnold Institute of Functional and Clinical Anatomy (MedFak)
    Using transmission electron microscopy to visualize neuro-pathological protein complexes and their aggregation behaviour


Monday, February 1st


  • 05:00 Friederike Zunke Department of Molecular Neurology (MedFak)
    Protein aggregation and lysosomal dysfunction in neurodegenerative disorders
  • 06:00  Danijela Gregurec Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (NatFak)
    Magnetic nanomaterials for wireless control of sensory neurons


Wednesday, February 10th


  • 05:00 Kristian Franze Institute of Medical Physics & Max Planck Zentrum für Physik und Medizin
    The mechanical regulation of neuronal development and regeneration
  • 06:00  Sven Falk Institute of Biochemistry (MedFak)
    Quo vadis - neural stem cell lineage decisions in health and disease


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